Women who are looking for a new way to stick to their New Year’s resolutions to get fit, be healthy and try something new will love Squash Australia’s innovative female-only learn to play program, affectionately known as ‘Hits & Giggles

The Hits & Giggles program will introduce women and girls to the previously stereotypically male dominated sport, Squash. Working on specific squash skills as well as overall fitness, participants will receive coaching tailored to their fitness level, in a supportive and judgement-free environment, while boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem with a group of like-minded women.

With the aim of enabling everyday women to make new friends, regain or maintain a healthy fitness level and learn to play Squash; the ‘Hits & Giggles’ program was designed as part of a VicHealth funded initiative to help improve women’s health and increase the number of women and girls playing sport.

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